Oakwood Cemetery was created in 1862 with the first idea for it coming from the women of Austin. They believed that Oakwood should be a quiet, dignified place of rest for their loved ones. Oakwood Cemetery is a non-denominational, non-sectarian, and open to all.

In 1864 the cemetery association purchased the Adler farm adjoining the cemetery. In 1904 the cemetery association bought Baudler Cemetery for $2,000.00. N.F. Banfield agreed to pay the amount and the cemeteries merged.

On March 7, 1904, the trustees were authorized to erect a chapel and burial vault. The chapel had a complete cost of $4,000.00. The building is 28 x 42 feet with porch six feet wide over the main doorway on the west and connected with this is a spacious port cochere, 13 feet wide, furnishing ample protection from rain while getting in or out of carriages. As you enter the main doorway, on the right of the hall in the southwest corner is the superintendent’s office. On the other end of the hall, stairs go up to the choir gallery above which contains an organ and seats for choir and others.

On the main floor of the auditorium are beautiful oak pews capable of seating for 125 people with plenty of room for chairs to accommodate including the gallery about 250 people. At the east end of the auditorium is the rostrum with pulpit and chairs. In front of the pulpit is a lowering device for lowering caskets to the vault below. In the basement is a fire proof vault with a capacity for 75 caskets. This will be used for the storage purposes during the winter time. The vault is of iron frame laid in cement and has iron doors across its entrance on the east. The GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) owned lots in the cemetery. After obtaining new lots or burial purposes, they used old lots for a soldier’s monument which was dedicated in 1907.


Some confusion exists for lot owners and families concerning their legal rights and responsibilities to cemetery lots. This guide has been prepared with the intention of eliminating this confusion and hopefully aiding our lot owners in their concerns. Be sure to consult the actual Minnesota Statutes or attorney for your final decisions.

For the proper management of a first-class cemetery like Oakwood, they are a necessity. They are for the protection of every lot owner and grave in the cemetery.



Oakwood Cemetery constantly strives to conduct each interment with as much respect and dignity as possible. Although not always possible, our aim is to have the area freshly mowed during the summer months and to have the snow moved during the winter months.

Oakwood allows funeral flowers to be left at the grave and will dispose of them after about a week. We would appreciate though if you have a great many flowers if you would give some to the local nursing homes, this will help keep our costs down and insure that our policy of allowing more than a casket spray of flowers will be viable for years to come.


Only one urn of flowers is allowed per grave, and all urns must be of a style that is acceptable to the cemetery management. All pots will be dumped on October 1 and should be removed by October 10, and may be returned to the cemetery after the ground has thawed in the spring. The cemetery will not be responsible for that leftover the winter.

Shepherd hooks are allowed, but must conform to these rules:

1. The overall height of the shepherd hook shall be no more than 5 feet.

2. The minimum height of the shepherd hook shall not be less than 4 feet.

3. The basket of flowers hung from the hook shall not exceed 14 inches in diameter.

4. The basket of flowers shall hang no closer than 2 feet from the ground.

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We at Oakwood strive daily to keep the cemetery as it was intended to be. We try to give the cemetery the highest level of care, while ever mindful of the cost of the care. This has made us the financially secure cemetery we are today.

Oakwood Cemetery sets aside 25% of the proceeds from lot sales into an account for the perpetual care of the cemetery. Oakwood Cemetery is a non-profit association governed by lot owners.

Oakwood has lots available in all areas of the cemetery. The older areas of the cemetery with their beautiful oak trees and history, or the newer area with its more modern styling. Whatever your choice, we can help you with your needs.

Visit Oakwood: See the grounds for yourself and if you have any questions or want information, come to the office and talk with us. We’re here to help, however, we can. Oakwood Cemetery is non-denominational, non-sectarian, and open to all.

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